Help for the Trauma Victim

Trauma intervention, support & crisis management

A short-term intervention (often limited to one or two sessions), which is appropriate when a person has suffered a traumatic incident.

The trauma worker supports you in identifying and coming to terms with the feelings and emotions you may feel during and after a traumatic experience.

The trauma team’s main task is always to empower you to cope with the crisis at hand.

Our trauma workers will assist you in the following ways:

• Provide support throughout the immediate traumatic event or there after

• Help with facilitating the process on-site and explaining procedures

• Assist with any immediate actions that need to be taken

• Evaluate your safety & activate support systems

• Refer you to whatever resources are available for further support

• Where necessary, see you for follow up counselling sessions

Should you call CIC directly, you will receive the necessary counselling and support to deal with the immediate emergency or be referred to an Organisation or professional who can assist you.

Follow-up Support 

• Telephonic follow-up and one-on-one counselling

• Advice and referrals to the appropriate services

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing 

Critical incident stress debriefing (CISD) uses a structured, individual or small group format to discuss a distressing crisis event (e.g. robbery, armed robbery, hijacking, motor vehicle accident). It is the best known and most widely used debriefing model. It is recommended that a debriefing occur within 72 hours following a critical incident.


This process aims to prevent excessive emotional, mental, physical and behavioural reactions and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from developing in response to a crisis. Its goal is to help individuals recover as quickly as possible from the stress associated with a crisis.

This specialised division is headed up by Margaret Humby.

Identify Causes of Stress in your own Life and Techniques to Manage It (PDF)

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Training for Corporates

The courses listed below have been used in the training of employees from various businesses, hotels and other Victim Empowerment Organisations (e.g. Mediclinic Peninsula, Vineyard Hotel, Mandela Rhodes Hotel, Valley Empowerment Project, Brackenfell Victim Empowerment, Working on Fire).

CIC will gladly train any businesses / organisations on request. 

This sector is headed up by Annet du Toit.

CIC External Training for Businesses and other Organisations

Course 1: Apply active listening skills in the care and support environment.  (Basic Counselling skills). Click Here

Apply Active Listening Skills in the Care and Support Environment (PDF) Click Here

Course 2: Identify cause of stress in own life and indicate techniques to manage it. 

Identify causes of stress in your own life & techniques to manage It (PDF)

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Click Here

Course 3: Provide trauma support under supervision.

Trauma Training under Supervision (PDF)

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“It was an eye-opening experience to say the least. The course material was very comprehensive and the case studies and practical implementation gave me a much greater understanding.“ - Susan Groenewald // Learning & Development Manager // Mount Nelson Hotel

“I can gladly say that the course content was of a great standard and extremely beneficial in my line of work….I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again in the future.” - Jolene Meyer // Human Resources // Mandela Rhodes Place // Medi Clinic

“I am convinced that our Human Resource officers feel better equipped to assist staff in dealing with trauma and so does the Client Service Managers in handling patient and family trauma in their supportive role to our nursing staff.” - Melinda Pelser // Marketing Manager // Peninsula Region // South Africa // Valley Empowerment Project

“I wish to acknowledge the valuable contribution that the Community Intervention Centre (CIC) has made to both the skills enhancement and personal development of our volunteer trauma counsellors. Through their comprehensive training course “Provide Trauma Training Under Supervision” the quality of our trauma counselling service and therefore the health and well-ness of our rural community has been considerably strengthened.” - Jennifer Kamerman // Valley Empowerment Project // Chairperson and Co-ordinator

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